About Polymer Consultation


“We are a creative full-range-service-provider specialized in plastics. We are entrepreneurs, plastic experts and idea givers. Our clients are international start-ups and small enterprises with innovative, sustainable and creative ideas”

“We facilitate the implementation of ideas into marketable products and reduce entry barriers for business by that. Further, we optimize existing business to stimulate growth”


Brought into life in 2020, the business started to support start-ups and small enterprises by technical expertise in plastics. The cooperation is based on the 4-PC pillar, which safeguards the quality of its service and determines business promise.

Polymer Consultation is located in the heart of Germany in Frankfurt am Main.

Hi, I am Stefan, the founder of Polymer Consultation – plastic expert, entrepreneur and idea giver.

Since 2007 I am in international plastic business and have built up a lot of expertise by over 100 realized projects. I am plastic engineer and economist.

Within the plastics I have three professional focusses. First, polymeric materials with its properties and possibilities of modification. Second, inventions and business development. Third, sustainability and how to balance the benefit for consumers and the impact on environment.

The versatility of plastics is actually where my passion for polymers come from. Limitless possibilities in design, properties and appearance. But it is curse and blessing at the same time. By taking great advantage from plastics the obsessive usage caused the need of re-invention in the way we utilize them.

Polymer Consultation


Weissadlergasse 15

60311 Frankfurt am Main



+49 (0) 69 678 334 21



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